Oiro Pena - Live LP

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Oiro Pena - Live LP
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Limited edition of 700 numbered copies.

180g vinyl, cover art silkscreened on the flipside of re-used old LP covers.

Recorded live on reel by Pecka Peckersson in Onkiniemi Ateljee (Tampere,Finland), on 1st of April 2022.

Antti Vauhkonen - Drums

Staffan "Wolf" Södergård - Electric Piano

Philip Holm - Double Bass

Johannes Sarjasto - Saxophone, Flute

Mastered by:Jarno Alho / Alho Audio Mastering

Mono lacquer cut by: Jukka Sarapää / Timmion Cutting

Linernotes translated by: Viljami Hukka

Cover art by: Arsi Keva

Screenprinting: Kalasataman Seripaja

Side A

1. Apocalypse

2. Rannalla Itkijä

Side B

3. Kuinka Kukaan

4. Voimaa

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