SELECTER - Too Much Pressure 3CD

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SELECTER - Too Much Pressure 3CD
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CD One - Too Much Pressure
CD1-1 Three Minute Hero 3:00
CD1-2 Everyday 3:10
CD1-3 They Make Me Mad 2:47
CD1-4 Missing Words 3:22
CD1-5 Danger 2:38
CD1-6 Street Feeling 3:11
CD1-7 My Collie (Not A Dog) 2:45
CD1-8 Too Much Pressure 3:48
CD1-9 Murder 2:39
CD1-10 Out On The Streets 3:28
CD1-11 Carry Go Bring Come 3:02
CD1-12 Black And Blue 3:17
CD1-13 James Bond 2:16
CD Two - Singles, B-Sides & Rarities
CD2-1 The Selecter
CD2-2 On My Radio
CD2-3 Too Much Pressure (B-side Version)
CD2-4 Street Feeling (Outtake)
CD2-5 They Make Me Mad (John Peel Session 9/10/79)
CD2-6 Carry Go Bring Come (John Peel Session 9/10/79)
CD2-7 Danger (John Peel Session 9/10/79)
CD2-8 Street Feeling (John Peel Session 9/10/79)
CD2-9 Three Minute Hero (Alternative Version)*
CD2-10 Missing Words (7" Version)
CD2-11 Carry Go Bring Come (Live)
CD2-12 A Live Injektion/Mony Mony/Too Much Pressure (Soundcheck)*
CD2-13 The Whisper
CD2-14 Train To Skaville (7" Version)
CD2-15 Cool Blue Lady (Early Version)*
CD2-16 Train To Skaville (Extended Version)
CD2-17 On My Radio (Ready Mix Radio)
CD Three - Live In Coventry 29th November 1979*
CD3-1 Soulful / Murder
CD3-2 Out On The Streets
CD3-3 James Bond
CD3-4 Sweet Collie (Not A Dog)
CD3-5 Street Feeling
CD3-6 Everyday
CD3-7 The Selecter
CD3-8 Danger
CD3-9 They Make Me Mad
CD3-10 Carry Go Bring Come
CD3-11 On My Radio
CD3-12 A Live Injectionm / Too Much Pressure
Live In Hempstead 28th February 1980
CD3- Three Minute Hero
CD3- Black And Blue
CD3- Missing Words
CD3- Train To Skaville

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