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NEMESIS - Xcelsior2LP Svart Records
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A Svartronix product. Double vinyl, 500 copies.

NEMESIS is one of the pioneering acts in the Finnish electronic music scene, representing the more relaxed field of it. Their debut album Xcelsior first saw the daylight in CD form in 1994, and this band-approved double LP marks its vinyl debut.

Xcelsior already has all the elements which make the group’s music personal and recognizable. The music has layers on top of each other and side by side, where influences from various decades of electronic music play effortlessly amid modern digital technology and electronic beats.

Real and digitally created vintage analog machinery resonate warmth and soundscapes that arise from the collective memory of cosmic sound explorers create familiar hum in the background.

Stellar coordinates are correctly set as thick pulses of sound transport the cosmic ship towards the horizon in spiral movement, and from time time gravitation loses its grip of the vessel.

Xcelsior is electronic storytelling at its best: a mixture of pulsating modern electronic sounds, ambient, psychedelia, the progressive vision of synth pioneers of the seventies, celestial geometry and nebular hum.
1. Green 5:50
2. Xcelsior 5:15
3. Birdforest 8:20
4. Schwitters 4:25
5. Duchamp 5:55
6. Gegenschein 8:45
7. Celcius (Pt I & Ii) 7:25
8. People At The Well 6:30
9. M 104 7:50
10. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 7:30

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