V/A - Just A Bad Dream: Sixty British Garage And Trash Nuggets 1981-89 3CD

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V/A -  Just A Bad Dream: Sixty British Garage And Trash Nuggets 1981-89 3CD
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1-1 –Thee Mighty Caesars Little By Little
1-2 –The Cannibals Submarine Song
1-3 –The Barracudas* Next Time Around
1-4 –The Sting-Rays June Rhyme
1-5 –The Sid Presley Experience Hup Two Three Four
1-6 –The Prisoners What I Want
1-7 –The Bugs (8) Just A Bad Dream
1-8 –The Green Telescope A Glimpse
1-9 –The Dentists Writhing On The Shagpile
1-10 –Ug And The Cavemen Go Gorilla
1-11 –The Vibes I Hear Noises
1-12 –Biff Bang Pow! The Whole World Is Turning Brouchard!
1-13 –The Aardvarks Drive Me Wild
1-14 –The Margin Of Sanity Get What I Can
1-15 –The Discords Little Miss Misfit
1-16 –The Mild Mannered Janitors Dirty Jean
1-17 –Blow-Up* 125
1-18 –Auntie Vegetable Stroll On
1-19 –The Inmates (2) Mr Unreliable
1-20 –Naz Nomad And The Nightmares Just Call Me Sky
2-1 –Sexton Ming You Can't Polish A Turd
2-2 –The Escalators Munsters Theme
2-3 –The Jesus And Mary Chain Vegetable Man
2-4 –The Tall Boys* Ride This Torpedo
2-5 –The Thanes Don't Let Her Dark Your Door
2-6 –Bananamen* The Crusher
2-7 –The X-Men (5) Talk
2-8 –Emptifish I Want That Girl
2-9 –The Morticians (3) I Don't Care
2-10 –The Meteors (2) Swamp Thing
2-11 –Jasmine Minks* What's Happening
2-12 –Nutmeg (4) And In England They're Going Mental
2-13 –Prime Movers Livin' In My Own Nightmare
2-14 –The Mindreaders Fever In My Pocket
2-15 –King Kurt Nervous Breakdown
2-16 –The Stayrcase I Know You Lied
2-17 –The Daggermen One More Letter
2-18 –The Psylons Waiting Nation
2-19 –The Wigs (2) The Dead
2-20 –Thee Headcoats Young Blood (Live)
3-1 –The Playn Jayn You Weren't Born You Were Created (Live)
3-2 –Thee Milkshakes Brand New Cadillac
3-3 –The Surfadelics Don't Be Sorry
3-4 –Marionette (2) Too Far Gone
3-5 –The Beatpack No Great Shakes
3-6 –The Unholy Trinity (2) Rock And Roll Traitor
3-7 –The Delmonas* He Tells Me He Loves Me
3-8 –The Wolfhounds LA Juice
3-9 –Revolving Paint Dream Garbagebrain
3-10 –Clapham South Escalators Leave Me Alone
3-11 –The Primevals My Emancipation
3-12 –Change Lings* Shelter From The Rain
3-13 –The Surf Rats Plutonium Mind Shock
3-14 –The Golden Horde The Curse
3-15 –The Delmontes So It's Not To Be
3-16 –The Gruffmen Farmer John
3-17 –The Krewmen The Hell Train
3-18 –Sunglasses After Dark (2) Hellhag Shuffle
3-19 –The Jackals Of Fresh Kid* Ringing In My Ears
3-20 –The Screaming Dead* This Is The End Of The World (Demo)


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