YOUNG NEIL - Songs For Judy CD

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YOUNG NEIL - Songs For Judy CD
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1. Judy G Rap
2. Too Far Gone
3. No One Seems To Know
4. Heart of Gold
5. White Line
6. Love Is A Rose
7. After The Goldrush
8. Human Highway
9. Tell Me Why
10. Mr. Soul
11. Mellow My Mind
12. Give Me Strength
13. A Man Needs a Maid
14. Roll Another Number
15. Journey Through The Past
16. Harvest
17. Campaigner
18. The Needle and the Damage Done
19. The Old Laughing Lady
20. The Losing End
21. Here We Are in the Years
22. Pocahontas
23. Sugar Mountain

From John Hanlon's Notebook on NYA Times-Contrarian, Hanlon writes that Neil Young is preparing to release a new archival album titled "Songs For Judy". A double album, "Songs For Judy" will feature 23 songs from the acoustic sets of the 1976 "Crazy Horse" tour.

Hanlon describes engineering for the new album involving remastering tour photographer Joel Bernstein's recorded audio cassettes. Extensive details for high-quality vinyl pressing and high-resolution digital files are shared. Mastering has been completed by Bernie Grundman in Hollywood - based on the work of Young's longtime sound engineer Tim Mulligan, who had previously edited Joel Bernstein's tapes. Together with Engineer Chris Bellman, Hanlon works to preserve the rawness of the original audio and not digitally (artificially) enhance.

So why the title "Songs for Judy"? Well, Neil refers to actress and singer Judy Garland, while at the Austin, TX concert before the song "Too Far Gone". So was Judy "Too Far Gone" in 1976???

This is easily one of the very best unreleased Neil Young tapes out there.

As any dedicated Neil fan has probably heard these already,they will not be surprised by how amazing this tape is. For those ,who I dare say,are lucky enough so that their release will be your first time hearing these tracks,well,stand back because these are all mind blowingly (word?) great.

Much like the Beatles White Album acoustic demos that are also right around the corner, these live tracks focus on the acoustic side of things and both releases are absolute must haves,for hardcore and casual fans alike. Such is their quality and importance.

Looks like it's gonna be an acoustic Christmas this year.

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