V/A - Real Delusions – The Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1987-1991 CD

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V/A - Real Delusions – The Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1987-1991 CD
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Stone: Real Delusion (from Real Delusion 7″)
Defier: System of Oppression (from Overture of Annihilation EP)
Statue: Face The Life (from Comes To Life LP)
Waltari: Isolated (from Monk Punk LP)
Santa Lucia: Perse palaa (from Arktista hysteriaa LP)
Faff-Bey. S&M Party (from S&M Party 7″)
Charged: A.C.N.R. (from In Vice LP)
Dirty Damage: Fire E.E. (from …It’s Amazing LP)
Massacre: My War (from A Dream – unreleased LP)
D.I.E.: Religious Falsehood (from eponymous 7″)
Sceptical Schizo: Holy War (from Demo #1)
Protected Illusion: Greetings From Hell (from Festering Fairytales demo)
A.O.D. (Altars of Destruction); Guilty or Not (from Demo 1988)
National Napalm Syndicate: Deathwish (from eponymous LP)
Warmath: The Hardest Core (from Damnation Play LP)
Airdash: Helluva Noise (from Thank God It’s Monday LP)
Dethrone: Powermad (from Powermad 7″)
Prestige: Force of My Hate (from Attack Against Gnomes LP)
Necromancer: Liquid Sky (from Downfall 12″)
Oppression: Parasites (from Demo 1988)


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