ANTIMATTER - Alternative Matter 3CD+DVD

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ANTIMATTER - Alternative Matter 3CD+DVD
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CD 1:
Black Sun (Dead Can Dance Tribute)
The Art Of A Soft Landing (Acoustic, Enhanced)
Far Away (Live)
Saviour (Reel To Reel Demo)
Landlocked (Mick Moss Remix)
In Stone (Acoustic, Enhanced)
Epitaph (New Version)
Terminal (Duncan Patterson Remix)
Mr White (Live)
Flowers (New Version)
Expire (Lackluster Remix)

CD 2:
God Is Coming (Duncan Patterson Remix)
Everything You Know Is Wrong (Acoustic, Enhanced)
A Portrait Of The Young Man (Enhanced)
Flowers (Acoustic)
Holocaust (Reel To Reel Demo)
The Art Of A Soft Landing (4 Track Demo)
Expire (Atrabilis Sunrise Remix)
Over Your Shoulder (Acoustic)
Dream (4 Track Demo)
Lost Control (Acoustic, Enhanced)
Epitaph (Orchestral Mix)

CD 3:
Fighting For A Lost Cause (Demo)
Enjoy The Silence (Live)
Angelic (Mick Moss Remix)
Over Your Shoulder (Reel To Reel Demo)
Holocaust (FreeDoom Remix)
The Summer Effect (Instrumental Demo)
Angelic (Reel To Reel Demo)

Antimatter ' The Small Yesterdays' Documentary
Epitaph Promo
Conspire Promo

This strictly limited (1,000 copies) artbook is published in broadsheet
format (29x29 cm) and cloth binding. Apart from three audio CDs with
altogether 29 tracks and a playing time of over 130 minutes, it also
includes a DVD featuring an Antimatter documentary as well as the video
clips for "Epitaph" and "Conspire." The 104-page artbook features liner
notes penned by Mick Moss and a wealth of photos documenting
Antimatter's career from 2000 to the present.

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