KINKS - Mono Collection 10LP BOX SET

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KINKS - Mono Collection 10LP BOX SET
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Numbered 180gr. Vinyl Set / Incl. 48pg. Hardcover Book

A1 Beautiful Delilah 2:08
A2 So Mystifying 2:55
A3 Just Can't Go To Sleep 2:00
A4 Long Tall Shorty 2:51
A5 I Took My Baby Home 1:49
A6 I'm A Lover Not A Fighter 2:05
A7 You Really Got Me 2:17
B1 Cadillac 2:46
B2 Bald Headed Woman 2:43
B3 Revenge 1:31
B4 Too Much Monkey Business 2:17
B5 I've Been Driving On Bald Mountain 2:03
B6 Stop Your Sobbing 2:07
B7 Got Love If You Want It 3:49
Kinda Kinks
C1 Look For Me Baby 2:17
C2 Got My Feet On The Ground 2:16
C3 Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl 2:46
C4 Naggin' Woman 2:38
C5 Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight 2:02
C6 Tired Of Waiting For You 2:35
D1 Dancing In The Street 2:21
D2 Don't Ever Change 2:25
D3 Come On Now 1:49
D4 So Long 2:11
D5 You Shouldn't Be Sad 2:02
D6 Something Better Beginning 2:26
The Kink Kontroversy
E1 Milk Cow Blues 3:43
E2 Ring The Bells 2:20
E3 Gotta Get The First Plane Home 1:49
E4 When I See That Girl Of Mine 2:13
E5 I Am Free 2:30
E6 Till The End Of The Day 2:24
F1 The World Keeps Going Round 2:37
F2 I'm On An Island 2:18
F3 Where Have All The Good Times Gone 2:52
F4 It's Too Late 2:35
F5 What's In Store For Me 2:07
F6 You Can't Win 2:41
Face To Face
G1 Party Line 2:38
G2 Rosy Won't You Please Come Home 2:36
G3 Dandy 2:14
G4 Too Much On My Mind 2:32
G5 Session Man 2:22
G6 Rainy Day In June 3:19
G7 House In The Country 3:09
H1 Holiday In Waikiki 2:55
H2 Most Exclusive Residence For Sale 2:50
H3 Fancy 2:31
H4 Little Miss Queen Of Darkness 3:21
H5 You're Looking Fine 2:53
H6 Sunny Afternoon 3:40
H7 I'll Remember 2:33
Something Else By The Kinks
I1 David Watts 2:33
I2 Death Of A Clown 3:05
I3 Two Sisters 2:03
I4 No Return 2:03
I5 Harry Rag 2:17
I6 Tin Soldier Man 2:50
I7 Situation Vacant 3:19
J1 Love Me Till The Sun Shines 3:19
J2 Lazy Old Sun 2:49
J3 Afternoon Tea 3:27
J4 Funny Face 2:18
J5 End Of The Season 2:58
J6 Waterloo Sunset 3:17
Live At Kelvin Hall
K1 Till The End Of The Day 3:22
K2 A Well Respected Man 3:10
K3 You're Looking Fine 3:30
K4 Sunny Afternoon 4:54
K5 Dandy 2:05
L1 I'm On An Island 2:54
L2 Come On Now 3:01
L3 You Really Got Me 2:13
L4 Medley: Milk Cow Blues / Batman Theme / Tired Of Waiting For You / Milk Cow Blues 8:55
The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society
M1 The Village Green Preservation Society 2:53
M2 Do You Remember Walter? 2:27
M3 Picture Book 2:36
M4 Johnny Thunder 2:31
M5 Last Of The Steam-Powered Trains 4:11
M6 Big Sky 2:51
M7 Sitting By The Riverside 2:24
N1 Animal Farm 3:01
N2 Village Green 2:11
N3 Starstruck 2:27
N4 Phenomenal Cat 2:39
N5 All Of My Friends Were There 2:25
N6 Wicked Annabella 2:43
N7 Monica 2:20
N8 People Take Pictures Of Each Other 2:19
Arthur (Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire)
O1 Victoria 3:43
O2 Yes Sir, No Sir 3:50
O3 Some Mother's Son 3:27
O4 Drivin' 3:15
O5 Brainwashed 2:37
O6 Australia 6:46
P1 Shangri-La 5:23
P2 Mr. Churchill Says 4:44
P3 She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina 3:10
P4 Young And Innocent Days 3:24
P5 Nothing To Say 3:10
P6 Arthur 5:28
The Kinks
Q1 You Really Got Me 2:17
Q2 Long Tall Shorty 2:51
Q3 All Day And All Of The Night 2:42
Q4 Beautiful Delilah 2:08
Q5 Tired Of Waiting For You 2:35
Q6 I'm A Lover Not A Fighter 2:05
R1 A Well Respected Man 2:40
R2 Till The End Of The Day 2:24
R3 See My Friends 2:44
R4 Don't You Fret 2:45
R5 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion 3:01
R6 Sunny Afternoon 3:40
S1 Dead End Street 3:22
S2 Death Of A Clown 3:05
S3 Two Sisters 2:03
S4 Big Black Smoke 2:31
S5 Susannah's Still Alive 2:20
S6 Autumn Almanac 3:03
T1 Waterloo Sunset 3:17
T2 Last Of The Steam-Powered Trains 4:11
T3 Wonderboy 2:48
T4 Do You Remember Walter? 2:27
T5 Dandy 2:14
T6 Animal Farm 3:01
T7 Days 2:55

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