PALEFACE - Studio Tan 2LP Svart Records

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PALEFACE - Studio Tan 2LP Svart Records
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First time on vinyl! Limited edition of 500 copies, black vinyl.

Four rare bonus tracks on side D.

”Orwell was an optimist / ah well, I’m still droppin’ this / on and on in, ’cos I’m not finished / on the corner, taking care of my business / in the sauna, sitting with the hibernates / I will spawn a conversation ’bout this mess / carve it on some plasticine and fiberglass / if you wanna, meet me at the Khyber Pass”

A1 Rap King
A2 Hellsinki Freezes Over
A3 Five Emcees
A4 Gently

B1 Now You Down
B2 Fingers Crossed
B3 In A Blink
B4 Studio Tan

C1 Lickle Youth
C2 Twenty Cents
C3 Wintertime Pt. 1

D1 Hellsinki (DJ Bunuel remix)
D2 Fingers Crossed (Melatonin Overdose mix)
D3 Gently (Original Sonjay Beats mix)
D4 Hellsinki Freezes Over (Instrumental)

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