JAM - 1977 4CD+DVD

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JAM - 1977 4CD+DVD
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In The City (Original Album Remastered)
CD1-1 Art School
CD1-2 I´ve Changed My Adress
CD1-3 Slow Down
CD1-4 I Got By In Time
CD1-5 Away From The Numbers
CD1-6 Batman Theme
CD1-7 In The City
CD1-8 Sounds From The Street
CD1-9 Non-Stop Dancing
CD1-10 Time For Truth
CD1-11 Takin´ My Love
CD1-12 Bricks And Mortar
Bonus Tracks
CD1-13 All Around The World
CD1-14 Carnaby Street
The Polydor Demos: February 1977
CD2-1 Art School (Demo)
CD2-2 In The City (Demo)
CD2-3 I Got By In Time (Demo)
CD2-4 I´ve Changed My Address (Demo)
CD2-5 Time For Truth (Demo)
CD2-6 Sounds From The Street (Demo)
CD2-7 Non-Stop-Dancing (Demo)
CD2-8 Bricks And Mortar (Demo)
CD2-9 Takin´ My Love (Demo)
CD2-10 So Sad About Us (Demo)
CD2-11 Slow Down (Demo)
This Is The Modern World (Original Album Remastered)
CD3-1 The Modern World
CD3-2 London Traffic
CD3-3 Standards
CD3-4 Life From A Window
CD3-5 The Combine
CD3-6 Don´t Tell Them You´re Sane
CD3-7 In The Street Today
CD3-8 London Girl
CD3-9 I Need You (For Someone)
CD3-10 Here Comes The Weekend
CD3-11 Tonight At Noon
CD3-12 In The Midnight Hour
Live 1977
John Peel Session 26. April 1977
CD4-1 In The City
CD4-2 Art School
CD4-3 I´ve Changed My Address
CD4-4 The Modern World
John Peel Session 19. July 1977
CD4-5 All Around The World
CD4-6 London Girl
CD4-7 Bricks And Mortar
CD4-8 Carnaby Street
Live At The Nashville - 10. September 1977
CD4-9 Carnaby Street
CD4-10 The Modern World
CD4-11 Time For Truth
CD4-12 So Sad About Us
CD4-13 London Girl
CD4-14 In The Street Today
CD4-15 All Around The World
CD4-16 London Traffic
CD4-17 Sweet Soul Music
CD4-18 Bricks And Mortar
CD4-19 In The City
CD4-20 Art School
CD4-21 In The Midnight Hour
CD4-22 Sounds From The Street
CD4-23 Slow Down
DVD-1 In The City (Polydor Promo)
DVD-2 Art School (Polydor Promo)
DVD-3 In The City (Top Of The Pops, 19. May 1977)
DVD-4 All Around The World (Top Of The Pops, 18 August 1977)
DVD-5 All Around The World (Marc, 24. August 1977)
DVD-6 The Modern World (Top Of The Pops, 3. November 1977)
DVD-7 In The City (So It Goes, 20. November 1977)
DVD-8 Bricks And Mortar (So It Goes, 20. November 1977)
DVD-9 Carnaby Street (So It Goes, 20. November 1977)
DVD-10 Slow Down (So It Goes, 20. November 1977)
DVD-11 All Around The World (So It Goes, 20. November 1977)

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