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CD1-1 Age Of Shadows (Incl. We Are Forever) 10:48
CD1-2 Comatose 4:27
CD1-3 Liquid Eternity 8:10
CD1-4 Connect The Dots 4:13
Beneath The Waves (8:27)
CD1-5 A] Beneath The Waves
CD1-5 B] Face The Facts
CD1-5 C] But A Memory...
CD1-5 D] World Without Walls
CD1-5 E] Reality Bleeds
Newborn Race (7:50)
CD1-6 A] The Incentive
CD1-6 B] The Vision
CD1-6 C] The Procedure
CD1-6 D] Another Life
CD1-6 E] Newborn Race
CD1-6 F] The Conclusion
CD1-7 Ride The Comet 3:29
CD1-8 Web Of Lies 2:50
The Fifth Extinction (10:29)
CD2-1 A] Glimmer Of Hope
CD2-1 B] World Of Tomorrow Dreams
CD2-1 C] Collision Course
CD2-1 D] From The Ashes
CD2-1 E] Glimmer Of Hope (Reprise)
CD2-2 Waking Dreams 6:32
CD2-3 The Truth Is In Here 5:12
CD2-4 Unnatural Selection 7:16
CD2-5 River Of Time 4:25
CD2-6 E=mc² 5:50
The Sixth Extinction (12:19)
CD2-7 A] Echoes On The Wind
CD2-7 B] Radioactive Grave
CD2-7 C] 2085
CD2-7 D] To The Planet Of Red
CD2-7 E] Spirit On The Wind
CD2-7 F] Complete The Circle
DVD-1 Behind The Scenes 48:49
DVD-2 Beneath The Waves Movie 7:20
Guide Demos (Audio)
DVD-3 Comatose 4:28
DVD-4 Connect The Dots 4:07
DVD-5 Ride The Comet 3:32
DVD-6 Web Of Lies 2:36
DVD-7 Waking Dreams 6:39
DVD-8 River Of Time 4:33
DVD-9 Messages 3:31
DVD-10 Bloopers (Audio) 2:48
DVD-11 Ed Warby's Session 9:58
DVD-12 Teaser Trailer 1:30
DVD-13 Credits 1:00


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