HOT CHOCOLATE - Chocolate Box Selection - Their RAK Albums 1974-83 4CD

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HOT CHOCOLATE - Chocolate Box Selection - Their RAK Albums 1974-83 4CD
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CD 1
Cicero Park (June 1974)
1-Cicero Park
2-Could Have Been Born In The Ghetto (theme from Love Head)
3-A Love Like Yours
4-You’re A Natural High
6-Changing World
7-Disco Queen
8-Makin’ Music
9-Funky Rock ‘N’ Roll
10-Bump And Dilly Down. Hot Chocolate (October 1975)
11-Hello America
12-The Street
13-Call The Police
14-You Sexy Thing
15-A Child’s Prayer
16-A Warm Smile
17-Amazing Skin Song
18-Love’s Coming On Strong
19-Lay Me Down Nice An’ Easy

CD 2
1-Dollar Sign Man To Man (July 1976)
2-Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac
3-Living On A Shoe String
4-Sugar Daddy
5-Man To Man
6-You Could’ve Been A Lady
7-Sex Appeal
9-Don’t Stop It Now
10-Seventeen Years Of Age Every 1’s A Winner (March 1978)
11-Every 1’s A Winner
12-Confetti Day
13-Sometimes It Hurts To Be A Friend 14-So You Win Again
15-Stay With Me
16-Runaway Girl
17-Make You Feel Like A Woman
18-Put Your Love In Me

CD 3

1-Love Is The Answer One More Time Going Through The Motions (July 1979)
2-Going Through The Motions
3-I Just Love What You’re Doing 4-Dreaming Of You
5-Dance (Get Down To It)
6-Mindless Boogie
7-Night Ride
8-Congas Man Class (November 1980)
9-Love Me To Sleep
10-Losing You
11-Gotta Give Up Your Love
12-Walking On The Moon
13-Green Shirt
14-Children Of Spacemen
15-Brand New Christmas
16-Are You Getting Enough Of What Makes You Happy

CD 4
Mystery (August 1982)
1-Girl Crazy
3-Are You Getting Enough Happiness 4-No Tears
6-It Started With A Kiss
7-You’ll Never Be So Wrong
8-Emotion Explosion
9-One Nights Not Enough Love Shot (October 1983)
10-Sexy Caribbean Girl
11-Let’s Try Again
12-Secret Hideaway
13-Tears On The Telephone
15-I’m Sorry
16-Friend Of Mine
17-Touch The Night
18-Love Is A Good Thing
19-I Gave You My Heart (Didn’t I)

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