HENDRIX JIMI - West Coast Seattle Boy – The Anthology 4CD+DVD

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HENDRIX JIMI - West Coast Seattle Boy – The Anthology 4CD+DVD
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CD1 (earliest commercial recordings)
Hendrix's earliest commercial recordings, providing a rare glimpse of the rising rock guitar hero through a series of stellar sideman performances on a set of highly collectible pre-Experience R&B singles.
Isley Brothers - Testify (1964)
Don Covay & the Goodtimers - Mercy, Mercy (1964)
Don Covay & the Goodtimers - Can't Stay Away (1964)
Rosa Lee Brooks - My Diary (1965)
Rosa Lee Brooks - Utee (1965)
Little Richard - I Don't Know What You Got But It's Got Me (1965)
Little Richard - Dancing All Around The World (1965)
Frank Howard & The Commanders - I'm So Glad (1966)
Isley Brothers - Move Over And Let Me Dance (1965)
Isley Brothers - Have You Ever Been Disappointed (1965)
Ray Sharpe - Help Me (Get The Feeling) (Part I) (1966)
The Icemen - (My Girl) She's A Fox (1966)
Jimmy Norman - That Little Old Groovemaker (1966)
Billy Lamont - Sweet Thang (1968)
King Curtis - Instant Groove (1969)

CD2 (all previously unreleased recordings or versions)
Disc Two focuses on 1967-68 and Hendrix's breakout sessions with the Jimi Hendrix Experience
Fire (1967)
You Experienced (1967)
May This Be Love (1967)
Can You See Me (1967)
Love Or Confusion (1967)
Little One (1967)
Mr. Bad Luck (1967)
Cat Talking To Me (1967)
Castles Made Of Sand (1967)
Tears Of Rage (1968)
Hear My Train A Comin' (1968)
1983 (A Merman I Shall Turn To Be) (1968)
Hot Summer Night (1968)
My Friend (1968)
Angel (1968)
Calling All The Devil's Children (1968)
New Rising Sun (1968)

CD3 (all previously unreleased recordings or versions)
Disc Three revisits 1968-1969, both a peak and pivotal period for Hendrix in which the artist was exploring bold new directions on stage and in the studio.
Hear My Freedom (1968)
Room Full Of Mirrors (1969)
Shame, Shame, Shame (1969)
Messenger (1968)
Hound Dog Blues (1969)
Untitled Basic Track (1968)
Star Spangled Banner (1969)
Purple Haze (1969)
Young/Hendrix (1969)
Mastermind (1969)
Message To Love (1969)
Fire (1969)
Foxy Lady (1969)

CD3 (all previously unreleased recordings or versions)
Opening with Hendrix's incendiary New Year's Eve performance of "Stone Free" at New York's Fillmore East on December 31, 1969 and closing with a previously unheard recording from Hendrix alone in his Greenwich Village apartment in 1970, Disc Four provides a fascinating portrait of an artist at his fiery best, working on the future.
Stone Free (1969)
Burning Desire (1970)
Lonely Avenue (1969)
Everlasting First (1970)
Freedom (1970)
Peter Gunn/Catastrophe (1970)
In From The Storm (1970)
All God's Children (1970)
Red House (1970)
Play That Riff (Thank You) (1970)
Bolero (1970)
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
Suddenly November Morning (1970)

Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child, a new 90 minute documentary directed by the multiple Grammy award winning Bob Smeaton.

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