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CD1-1 Brand New Hate
CD1-2 Minus Celsius
CD1-3 Highlights
CD1-4 Degenerated
CD1-5 Electric Suzy
CD1-6 Look At You
CD1-7 Abandon
CD1-8 The Mess Age (How Could I Be So Wrong)
CD1-9 Fill Up This Bad Machine
CD1-10 The Clash
CD1-11 Friends
CD1-12 Dysfunctional Professional
CD2-1 Taxi Driver (Live)
CD2-2 Lies
CD2-3 Mommys Little Monster
CD2-4 Teenagers From Mars
CD2-5 One Track Mind
CD2-6 Powderhead
CD2-7 Ghetto You
CD2-8 Wireless Mind
CD2-9 Can't Find The Door
CD2-10 Backstabber
CD2-11 Gotta Go!
CD2-12 Stars
CD2-13 Rocker
CD2-14 Babylon
CD2-15 (Is It) Still Alright To Smile?!
CD2-16 P.O.P
CD2-17 By The Phone
CD2-18 Three Wise Monkeys
CD2-19 Fashion (Changes With You)
CD2-20 Jack The Ripper
CD3-1 Pet Sematary
CD3-2 Please! Please! Please!
CD3-3 Blackheart
CD3-4 Devil-May-Care
CD3-5 Pretty Ugly
CD3-6 Shut The Fuck Up
CD3-7 Big Bad Wolf
CD3-8 Say When (Live)
CD3-9 Minor Major Problem
CD3-10 This Is How The World Ends
CD3-11 Shattered Bonds
CD3-12 Dysfunctional Professional (Glaumann Mix, Radio Edit)
CD3-13 Saved By The Bell (Piano Version)
CD3-14 Babylon (Idit Fo Life Remix)
CD3-15 Minus Celsius (Shieldster & Player Remix)
CD3-16 Dysfunctional Professional (Thomas Rusiak Remix)
CD3-17 The Mess Age (Greven & Gösen Remix)
CD3-18 Fuck Off And Die (Hard Act 2 Follow Remix)
DVD-Video 1 Jetlag The Movie
DVD-Video 2 Them XX The Movie
DVD-Video 3 Electric Suzie
DVD-Video 4 Look At You
DVD-Video 5 Highlights
DVD-Video 6 Brand New Hate
DVD-Video 7 The Clash
DVD-Video 8 Minus Celsius
DVD-Video 9 A Song For The Outcast
DVD-Video 10 The Mess Age (How Could I Be So Wrong)
DVD-Video 11 Dysfunctional Professional
DVD-Video 12 Roads
DVD-Video 13 Fuck Off And Die
DVD-Video 14 Nomadic
DVD-Video 15 Degenerated

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