MÖTLEY CRUE - Greatest Hits CD+DVD

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MÖTLEY CRUE - Greatest Hits CD+DVD
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Track List CD:
1 Too fast For Love
2 Shout At The Devil
3 Looks That Kill
4 Too Young To Fall In Love
5 Smokin In The Boys Room
6 Home Sweet Home
7 Wild Side
8 Girls, Girls, Girls
9 Dr Feelgood
10 Kickstart My Heart
11 Same Ol' Situation
12 Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
13 Without You
14 Primal Scream
15 Sick Love Song
16 Afraid
17 If I Die Tomorrow
18 Saints Of Los Angeles
19 The Animal In Me (Remix)
Content DVD (Deluxe version only):
Intro/Enter Stage
Kick Start My Heart
Wild Side
Shout At The Devil
Vince talks to crowd
Saints Of Los Angeles
Mick Guitar Solo
Don’t Go Away Mad
Same Old Situation
Nikki Talks
Primal Scream
Girls Girls Girls
Dr. Feel Good
Home Sweet Home
Band bows / Credit Scroll

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